TonyG's  1982 911SC Coupe  - Complete Restoration & Extensive Modifications

Metallic Blue / Black

3.6L engine, TWM, TEC3r Injected

1997  993 Interior & Gauges

Last Update: 7/07/2007 - Click here for details

New 46mm TWM ITB Fuel Injection System Powered by Electromotive TEC3

7/22/2006 @ 115k miles - Click here for details

Open Track Racing (OTR) 3/08/2006 having some fun at WSIR >

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.wmv file, 28megs, 12 minutes long >

Car on truck scale with 1/2 tank of fuel.  No driver.  02-01-2005



Tons of service receipts going back to "day one" including the original window sticker, the original purchase contract, and the second owners purchase contract (then there's me... the third owner)

1982 light blue metallic 911SC coupe, black 993 interior.

I am the 3rd owner. I purchased the car 3/21/04, did all the major tune up (articulated above... and more) , then decided to pull the engine/trans for a full restoration.  The engine/trans restoration was completed at 106,500 miles in August 2004.

  • The first owner purchased the car new from Beverly Hills Porsche in 1982.

  • The second owner purchased it used from Beverly Hills Porsche, the same dealership (first owner traded it in), in 1995 with 85k miles on the car.

  • I purchased the car on 3/21/04 with 105k miles on the car from the second owner.

I've been in the process of a complete restoration.   Below is a chronology of my work to date:

Fully Rebuilt 3.0SC Engine August 2004

All records & maintenance history from day 1 including factory manuals, warranty manual, took kit, spare, and more.

All mileage documented.

No oil leaks, no smoke hot/cold.

Unmolested car.

Replaced at 105k miles (April 2004)

  • New factory braided spark plug wires

  • New spark plugs

  • New distributor cap

  • New distributor rotor

  • New fuel injectors

  • Adjust valves with new valve cover gaskets/hardware

  • New Alpine stereo

  • Installed A/D/S PQ10 amp in trunk under carpet

  • Checked the frequency valve operation, checked/set and verified the a/f ratios, and checked/set the ignition timing.

  • New front/rear hood shocks

  • Replaced interior light door jam contact switch rubber boots

  • Installed OEM look metal interior door release levers.

  • Installed new OEM heater red heater lever knobs

Replaced at 106k miles (August 2004)

  • Remove engine

  • Remove top end & cylinders

  • Remove all 24 original studs

  • Replace all 24 studs with new steel studs/barrel nuts

  • Install new rings

  • Pistons/cylinders perfect condition... did not touch

  • Rebuild all 6 heads with new valve guides/valve seals/valve job

  • Inspect cams - perfect... did not touch

  • Install new valve spring set, install new valve spring retainers

  • Install 2 new timing chain tensioners

  • Install all new (4) timing chain guides

  • Install (2) new timing chains

  • Install all new exhaust manifold studs/nuts/washers (12 ea)

  • Install all new gaskets & seals throughout reassembly

  • Install new oil return tubes (4)

  • Strip/repaint sheet metal & air guides

  • Open up transmission, install new 1st & 2nd gear synchros

  • Install new clutch disk (1)

  • Resurface flywheel / new flywheel bolts

  • Install new CV joint gaskets with new grease packing

  • Install new oil return hose/clamps

  • Convert A/C to R134A, Evacuate & Charge (blows 39F on 85F ambient day!!!)

  • Purchased used set of factory Porsche Fuchs 7"/9" rims

  • Redo steering wheel leather to OEM specs

Replaced at 107k miles (September 2004)

  • New OEM Bosch Fuel Pump

  • Purchased new Falken FK-451 (205/50/16 & 245/45/16) on Factory Porsche Fuchs 7"&9" rims... mounted and installed.

  • Installed 996 front electric seats (the start of the interior conversion to black). Very comfortable... much much firmer and supportive than the SC seats (which were killing me  :-)  Let the interior conversion begin!

Serviced at 108k miles (End September 2004)

  • 4 Wheel Alignment at our Shop (set at factory specs)

  • Installed Odyssey PC680MJT Lightweight Battery / Aluminum Hold Down - 15.4lbs! (click here for more info...) and new Taylor chassis ground strap.

  • Purchased complete black 1997 993 interior with premium sound door panels for installation into the SC complete with updated 993 gauges.  Will start the interior renovation in October 2004.

Upgrades  October  2004 108k miles

  • Purchased New PMO 40mm carb kit

  • Pulled engine back out.

  • Remove CIS Injection

  • Replaced the following:

    • 12 new rockers

    • 12 new rocker shafts / seals

    • 12 new elephants foot adjusters and nuts

    • 2 new WebCam 20/21 cams billets (not regrinds)

  • New Genuine SSI Headers

  • Custom 14lbs Stainless 2 in/2 out muffler from Pelican Parts BBS Member MB911

  • Sent Distributor out for the following work:

    • Complete Rebuild

    • Remove and block off vacuum advance

    • Convert to full mechanical advance

    • Recurve advance to PMO Recommended Specs

Upgrades December 2004 108k-109k miles

  • Installed factory Porsche front chin spoiler

  • Installed factory Porsche bra

  • Installed factory Porsche mirror bras

  • Replaced silver 911SC rear deck lid script with new same black script

  • Replaced brake and clutch pedal rubber

  • Removed entire interior

  • Remove all glass

  • Installed new factory black, non-perforated 993 head liner

  • Installed 993 black sun visors

  • Installed new tinted windshield and new seal

  • Reinstall quarter glass and rear glass

  • Installed new black A & B pillar vinyl

  • Installed 993 black dash (upper & lower dash, and late large style side vent system)

  • Cut out SC side vents, installed 993 Side Vents, installed associated 993 center trim, side vents, modified ducting to fit 993 side vents.

  • Installed 993 black rear premium sound package tray

  • Installed 993 black rear interior quarter panels

  • Installed 993 black rear seats/rear seat belts, installed custom bracket to facilitate usage of push-button 993 back seat releases.

  • Installed 993 black premium sound door panels w/ custom Diamond 6.5" separates instead of factory "junk" speakers.

  • Re-covered factory center console black to match interior (removed and will be installing a modified 993 center console to fit the 993 dash)

  • Installed new custom genuine German carpet

  • Installed new shifter bushings (2)

  • Installed new genuine Porsche rear license plate frame

  • Removed factory fog lights

  • Removed factory windshield washer tank

  • Dyno Tested at DC MotorSports in Los Angeles

    •  200RWHP... approx 235 Engine HP on first dyno session

    •  Probably another 25 HP to be gained through further ignition and air/fuel ratio modifications (click here for dyno chart session #1)

January 2005 - 109k miles

  • Lowered rear suspension.  Rubber bushings in good shape.  Lube and replace.

  • Lowered front suspension.  Simple adjustment lowering.  Did not touch bushings.

  • Had corner balanced and aligned.

  • 993 fuel/oil temp gauge installation notes... 993 fuel gauge had to be converted using SC/Carrera style windings.  North Hollywood Speedometer did the conversion.  Done 1/10/2005.  

  • Taking in Speedometer to North Hollywood Speedometer to have the odometer of the SC transferred to the 993 gauge odometer on 1/12/2005.

  • 1/24/2005 - Ran the car at Willow Springs International Raceway no a private track day.  Wow.  The car is much faster than before.  Ran great all day.  Handled excellent with the lower ride height, corner balance, and alignment.  Easily pulled away from a 3.2 Euro Carrera (chipped & exhaust) even with a 275lbs passenger in the car as well as a factory Porsche 964RS... the new 3 liter is strong for sure.

January 2005 - 109k miles

  • Factory Porsche 930S steering wheel

  • New Bilstein Sport front strut inserts and Bilstein Sport rear shocks (car has original green factory Bilstein strut housings)

  • New Passenger door seal (drivers perfect so no replace)

  • New factory Porsche rear view mirror

  • Purchased black rear quarter stone guards.  Did not install.  The don't seem to fit properly.  Will return and investigate.

February 2005 - 109k miles

  • 2/26/2005 installed the following:

    • Installed ITG Air Filters with respective filter bases.

    • Installed tall velocity stacks

    • Installed 1 size smaller accelerator pump check valves

    • Purchased H4 headlights with bulbs.  Need to have painted prior to installation - Pending Install

    • Installed new Alga leather shift boot/knob combo

March 2005 - 110k miles

  • 3/12/2005 Installed the following:

    • Installed Ferado Pads front & rear

    • Installed SpeedBleeders front & rear

    • Flushed/Bled brake hydraulic system with ATE Super Blue brake fluid

    • Removed MB911 dual in/dual out muffler and installed new Dansk dual in/single out Sport Muffler (a little quieter than MB911's muffler).  Aluminized Steel version wit polished 70mm tip.

November 2005 - 110k miles

  • 11/01/2005

    • Installed H4 Headlights with painted trim rings

    • Installed Carrera Tail

December 2005 - 111k miles - 3.6L Engine Installation!

  • 12/04/2005

    • Installed new 3.6L engine

    • Electromotive XDi Twin Plug Crank Fire Ignition with dual DFUs

    • New Patrick MotorSport Flywheel and pilot bearing installed.

    • New PMO 50mm Carbs

    • WebCam 993 Super Sport Grind Cams

    • Titanium valve spring/retainer package

    • Larger Intake Valves Installed

    • Patrick MotorSport 1.75" headers

    • Clewett Engineering spark plug wires, distributor block-off, crank pulley/trigger wheel, pickup and pickup bracket installed.

    • M&K 321 Stainless Dual In/Dual Out muffler

    • New Porsche Sport engine & transmission mounts

  • 1/03/2006 - 112k miles

    • Removed engine and trans to rebuild trans.

    • Installed the following new into 915 trans:

      • New 1 & 2 synchros

      • New 1 & 2 anchor blocks and synchro energizers

      • New 1-2 synchro sleeve

      • New 1 & 2 dog teeth

      • New 1 & 2 synchro bands

      • New gasket set with Curil sealer

      • Installed Swepco 201 gear lube

  • 2/27/2006 - 113k miles

    • Tuned 3.6L engine.  290 RWHP (approx 340Hp at the crank on PMO Carbs)

    • Installing front & rear Weltmeister sway bars

    • Installing front "A" arms off of '88 Carrera with the factory sway bar mounting brackets deleted.

    • Installed new "A" arm ball joints and ball joint nuts

    • Installed new turbo tie rods with new tie rod ends & boots

    • Installed new stainless brake lines front/rear

    • Flushed, via power bleeder, brake system 2x with ATE Super Blue Fluid

    • Installed 43mm (vs the old 41mm chokes) PMO chokes in carbs.  Not dynoed yet, but a definite power gain above 5500 rpms.

    • Aligned suspension

    • New windshield wiper arms and blades

    • New air intake screen and grille (above hood)

    3/25/2006 - 114k miles

    • Installed new front Carrera rotors

    • Installed front Boxter caliper adapters from TRE

    • Installed used Boxter Front Calipers

    4/04/2006 - 114k miles

    • Installed new rear Carrera rotors

    • Installed rear Boxter caliper adapters from TRE

    • Installed used 996 rear calipers

    • Installed new 23mm 930 master cylinder

    • Racing Dynamics Strut Brace Installed

    7/22/2006 - 115k miles - TWM ITB Fuel Injection Installation with TEC3r!

    • Removed PMO 50mm Carbs, linkage, and manifolds

    • Removed Electromotive XDi Ignition System

    • Installed TWM 46mm Individual Throttle Bodies (3003 Series)

    • Installed TWM fuel pressure regulator

    • Installed new Bosch Green Top, 42lbs Fuel Injectors

    • Installed new Electromotive TEC3r Stand Alone Engine Management System

    • Used existing Electromotive Coil Packs (2 plugs per cylinder)

    • Installed new ITG Air Cleaners & new ITG filter bases

    • Installed new 50mm full radius TWM velocity stacks

    7/28/2006 - 115k miles

    • Remove temporarily installed 996 seats

    • Install Brand New RS America Sport Seats  (black/black cloth)

    • Installed new Magnaflow exhaust tips on existing M&K muffler

    • Tuned Tec3r (lots and lots of tuning....)

    • Wired front fender oil cooler fan to operate from Tec3r programmable output

    • Installed new front mount fuse block & relays to supply new electronics

    • Purchased used 3.2L a/c compressor and a/c compressor bracket

    5/22/2007 - 118k miles

    • Installed 2nd Carrera oil cooler in drivers front fender (with custom brackets)

    • Installed 2nd Relay for Carrera oil cooler fan next to auxiliary fuse block in front of car

    • Installed new front lower valance with holes for fog lamps.

    • Installed left and right oil cooler air scoop in place of front side markers


5/24/2007 - 118k miles

  • Removed Bilstein Sports front & rear shocks and struts (too stiff)

  • Installed new Bilstein Standard front & rear shocks and struts

  • Waxed Car

06/23/2007 - 118k miles

  • Installed new Hawk brake pads on the Boxter calipers front/rear

  • Installed new rear brake lines (took off recently installed stainless braided lines and installed TRE banjo bolt fittings feeding rear monobloc calipers from cross over line, instead of from center of calilper, then used new TRE stainless braided lines to complete installation.

  • Flushed brakes with 4 quarts of ATE Super Blue.

7/01/2007 - 118k miles

  • Installed new Patrick Motorsport crank case air-oil separator/catch can.

  • After a couple hundred miles.. removed and zero oil in can.  Go figure...

07/07/2007 - 118k miles

  • Installed new high torque starter from TRE.  Old starter solenoid malfunctioned when hot.

  • New starter smaller and about 2lbs lighter.