1987 944 Turbo LS6 V8
Fully sorted with spares.  Best of the best.  No excuses.  Ready-to-run.  A consistent top 3 "time of the day" (on R compounds!)  finisher that you can drive to and from the track...
Price: $28k ready to run.  Needs nothing except seat.  (seat not included)
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Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, October 2010

1.50.3 lap times on Nitto NT-01's.

Willow Springs Raceway , February 04, 2011 - Big Track
1:28.42 - on Nitto NT-01's
Check it out... brand new (not rebuilt) Z06 LS6 just delivered 10/4/2010!  Yeah baby....  This should make close to 410RWHP!

Comes with a 12 month / 12,000 mile warranty from GM Performance



This is the 944 turbo with the LS6 all aluminum V8.

This car is race ready, corner balanced, aligned, and fully sorted.  2625lbs, 51:49 weight distribution with 1/3 tank of fuel and no driver.  2880lbs with suited up driver and 1/3 tank as of 2/12/2011.

The conversion was done on an 88,000 original mile 944 Turbo.  This car was a very nice 951 to begin with.


The engine is an all aluminum LS-1 V8 modified with headers, aftermarket cam, titanium valve spring retainers, 7500 rpm rated valve springs, a larger throttle body, and a modified intake manifold. 

Brand new (not rebuilt) Z06 LS6 engine.  Comes with 12 month / 12,000 mile factory GM warranty.  Just delivered 10/04/2010, the engine will be installed the week of 10/11/2010.  This engine with the same intake, exhaust, ecu modifications, should dyno out at approximately 410RWHP.

Power is 389 HP at the rear wheels (see dyno) on 91 octane pump gas.  This is approximately 450Hp+ at the engine. 

Power to weight ratio is 5.8:1 wet with 1/3 tank of fuel.

The factory ECU has been reprogrammed and a new professionally made engine wiring harness is installed. 

A baffled, sheet metal oil pan with a remote oil filter and a full-width (24"x6"x2") Mocal front mount oil cooler with a Mocal oil thermostat is installed along with a larger custom aluminum radiator. 

Lindsey Racing 3 piece engine cross member is used so that the oil pan can be removed with the engine in the car.


The exhaust is a true dual 2.5" mandrel bent system with an "H" pipe, feeding into dual straight-through mufflers.


The suspension is the Bilstein Escort Series coil-over suspension using 550lbs springs in front and 650lbs springs in the rear with camber plates.

Sway bars are Weltmeisters front & rear.

Racer's Edge spherical bearings on both A arm busing locations.

Racer's Edge spherical bearing trailing arm bushings, Delrin spring plate bushings and solid billet aluminum torsion tube mount bushings in the rear.

Racing Dynamics strut tower brace.

Racer's Edge billet front spindles with longer studs and new wheel bearings.


The front brakes are 965 (C2 turbo) cross drilled front rotors, using factory M030 steering knuckles, with Big Red calipers using Hawk Blue pads. 

The rear brakes are factory M030 cross drilled rear rotors, using stock 951 rear calipers with Pagid Blue pads.

The front-to-rear brake bias is controlled via Wilwood in-car adjustable brake bias valve.

The brake assist is provided hydraulically via Bendix Hydroboost which works excellent.

The power steering pump, which powers the brakes as well as the power steering rack, is a custom built pump by Turn 1.  The output pressure is raised, while the output volume is lowered.  This gives the steering the proper feel, while eliminating hydraulic fluid over heating in the power steering/brake assist system on tight race tracks.



The clutch is an aluminum lightweight Corvette flywheel/pressure plate/disk package rated to 550 horse power, using a hydraulic throw-out bearing.

Custom remote-bleed line is fitted with a speed bleeder.



The transmission is a factory 944 turbo transmission with a new Guard (GT) asymmetrical 50/80 LSD.  50% lockup on acceleration, 80% lockup on deceleration. 

This transmission was just rebuilt and installed on 1/15/2010.  New parts include 1-4 synchros, 3-4 slider, 3-4 fork, new seals and Redline synthetic oil.

2nd used 5R transmission purchased, disassembled & inspected by TRE, Guard GT differential installed into this transmission 5-19-2010.

This differential is really transforms the car on the track and is worth every penny.

The axles the GKN Motorsport Axles.  These axles are "unobtainium".

Transmission has gear rotor oil pump with external oil filter,  to external aftermarket oil cooler located where spare tire well used to be.  This is controlled by switch in dash.



The interior has been gutted. 

New black carpet, without insulation, has been fitted throughout the interior. 

The thick plastic head liners have been removed, and a custom made 911 style head liner has been fitted. 

Also fitted is a 4 point roll bar with horizontal and diagonal braces, Carbon Kevlar FIA OMP Seat 6.1lbs with Halo, and a Schroth race harness as well as a 2.5lb Halon fire extinguisher. 

Some finishing touches include a set of recalibrated factory gauges with a custom LED gauge lighting package and silver face plates.  The dash board is a perfect condition (no cracks) black non-air bag 944 dash, gutted of all non-essentials.

The doors have been gutted and are hollow with the exception of the door release and horizontal beam.  Custom RS style door panels have been fabricated, which resemble the factory door panels, but without any switches.

The sunroof has been deleted along with all of the associated electronics, motors, cabling, etc... and a new fixed fiberglass sunroof "panel" has been fitted and permanently secured.  A 911 style head liner has been fabricated and installed to cover up the roof.

While the front glass is still "glass", the rear hatch, rear quarters, and the doors, all have Lexan replacements.

A video camera mount is secured to the roll bar and accepts all standard camera bodies.

A Cool Suit system is installed behind the drivers seat.  The temperature control is in the dash next the the array of rocker switches.  Works excellent on those hot days at the track.

A Wink 5 panel rear view mirror is installed to give a full view of what's behind you.

A 6lbs carbon fiber OMP race seat out of a Daytona Prototype with sliders is now installed.


The hood, front fenders (which are 1" wider than stock), front bumper skin, from A.I.R.

The front glass bumper skin was repainted and clear bra installed on 1/15/2010.

New custom front splitter, a modified design from someone on Rennlist, painted and installed on 1/15/2010. This splitter has a balsa composite piece bonded to the inner front lip for strength.

The rear euro bumper is an A.I.R. piece and is fiberglass.

The rear fenders have been flared to accept 315mm tires.

The pop-up head lights and associated hardware have all been removed in favor of a fixed head light system by GT Racing with clear Lexan covers

The car has two wings:

  1. A Vision Motorsport/Kokeln Racing competition wing for high speed tracks

  2. A GT Racing factory Porsche LeMans replica rear wing for low speed tracks & street use.



Wheels are Cup ll wheels.  Fronts and rears are custom widened to  17x11 with 315's on all 4 corners.  Tires are Nitto NT-01's.  Additionally, the rims have been powder coated flat black.


Timing is done with the Athlon GPS 12R lap timer from www.Starlane.com

The engine management has been professionally programmed on a chassis dyno by RPM Motors Inc. in Santa Clarita CA.



Custom front splitter along with repainted front fiberglass bumper skin with clear bra fitted 01/2010

Custom dual oil catch can installed 08/2009

New Racer's Edge billet front spindles fitted with new wheel bearings and longer studs 04/2009

New stock 951 radiator iinstalled 06/2009

Cut 1/2 of spare tire well out, fitted custom gear rotor oil pump with filter and external oil cooler and dash switch 03/2009

New factory 968 front control arms were fitted 06/2008.

New factory power steering lines were fitted under the engine with a new custom power steering radiator 07/2008.

New, custom built by Turn 1, power steering pump on 9/20/2008.

A new thermostat was fitted using a custom radiator hose and a factory GM stock thermostat housing eliminating the use of a custom "rotatable" thermostat housing  07/2008.

Car corner balanced and aligned 07/2008





Spare freshly rebuilt power steering rack with new tie rods and and boots

Spare A.I.R. front splitter (brand new unused)

Spare GT Racing LeMans rear wing  - pre-fitted and painted)

HP Tuners EFI Software Tuning Suite with dongle for engine management with maps and current configuration

Eibach 550lbs front & 750lbs rear coil springs for dedicated track use

Eibach 450lbs front springs

(2) New sets of Nitto NT-01's (275x17's & 315x17's)

New set of front 965 rotors and Pagid pads







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Newest Pics:
Spring Mountain Raceway in Pahrump Nevada, March 26 2010
(315 x 17 tires on all 4 corners)

Racers Edge Billet Hubs - 04.23.2009
Custom Transmission Cooler/Filter/Pump - 03.16.2009

Custom Built Power Steering Pump - 09.20.2008
Cool Suit System Installed - 09.20.2008
2653lbs, wet with 1/3 tank >>>


New Kokeln Wing New Kokeln Wing GPS Lap Timer Custom 17x11 Cup 2 with 315 17 tire!

Installed the new Kokeln wing for track use.  It makes a HUGE difference over the LeMans wing on the high speed tracks.

Custom widened Cup 2 rear wheels with 315x17 Nitto NT01's. (275x17's on front on 9" Cup 2 wheels).

Athlon GPS 12R Bluetooth GPS based lap timer and analysis system.  Works great and has the same lap times to the hundredth as compared to the tracks built-in transponder lap timers.

New Guard (GT) Transmission 50/80 LSD
New Guard LSD installed in new transmission, being installed in car 03.28.2008
Engine Pictures 3.28.08 - Notice adjustable power steering regulator behind left headlight.  This allows the power steering assist to be easily adjusted from zero assist to full assist.
Dyno Sheet - 04/01/2008  389HP at the wheels
04/06/2008 - New Mocal oil cooler and thermostat installed
Older Pics Below: